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How to Validate Digital Signature in Invoice/PDF Document

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

The first thing you check after receiving of Invoice is how to convert yellow question symbol to Green tick symbol.

Follow below steps to validate your yellow mark to green tick.

Validation work with Acrobat reader/pdf applications.

Steps :

Right Click on Signature area where Question mark appear.

Select Show signature properties as shown in below image

Click on Show Signer's Certificate as shown in below image.

Click on Trust shown in below image

Click on add to Trusted Certificates as shown in image above.

Click OK on Adobe dialogue box as shown in below image.

Check on below Options

*Certified Documents

*Dynamic Contents



Click on OK

Click on OK again ( This OK will be in bottom of window screen nearest to task bar check properly)

Now Your Document is ready with Green Tick.

If you are a Tally.ERP 9 users and looking for digital signature tdl for tally then we have the best addon for digital signature in Tally Invocie.

Below are Features of Our module

Digital signature in Tally invoice

Insert signatue in Credit Note

Add digital signatue in Debit Note

upload digital signatue in Delivery Note

Set digital signatue in Purchase Order

With this features our module also help you in

Sign Single copy Tally Invoice.

Signature in multi copy invoice.

Auto email after digital signature

Please refer to our below website link for more details.

You can also refer to our you tube video.

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