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Send Transactional SMS - Sales, Receipt , Payment and others

Send Outstanding SMS - Ledger,Group 

Send Bill wise Outstanding SMS

Send Bank Details

Send GST Billing Details

Send Greetings SMS - Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary

Send Scheme & promotion SMS.

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OTP Based Voucher Alteration

Sms from Tally.ERP 9 started its journey in year 2010 and now its serving almost more than 300Users across the Country. Before Spreading of Internet and Whatsapp SMS is the only fast media with which business can communicate with other Business. For growth of the Business sms is most adopted method business houses are adopting. follow are some features of our product and some comparison why SMS is still most trusted source of information.


Send SMS of your sales transaction. - Item , Qty , Rate, Vehicle No , Amout 

Send sms of your Payment made to parties.

Send sms of your Payment collected from Parties.

Send Outstanding Sms to Ledger & Groups.

Send Bill wise Outstanding SMS .

Send Self Create Template SMS to Party , Group- Bank Details, Billing Details

Send Birthday & Anniversary SMS

OTP Based Voucher Alteration

Benefits to Business

Improve customer Interaction help in better business relationship.

Improve outstanding collection as sms sending on Timely basis.

Save time as we dont have to call and Informed about sales & payment transaction.

Sharing of Scheme and Discount result in Sales Increase.

Why SMS is till Best for Communication

No Internet Dependency.

No smartphone neccessaity as it is also readable in feature phones.

Quick and fast delivery.

Very high chances of Reading from Receiver.

SMS is always a trusted and premium messaing. 

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