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Send Invoices , Statement, Outstanding in Most advance & Easiest way

Tally to whatsapp in Tally has been developed taken into consideration the requirement of simple tool to communicate with customer and suppliers in most easiest way . Now a days WhatsApp is the most common and easiest way of communication. 

WATALLY Sender can be use in Tally.ERP 9 and TallyPrime. It require very less time in implementing the product  and its user friendly.Our various customer has appreciated as the  our this  tdl for tally to whatsapp. Some customer also called it as "Tally messenger"



  • Send Tally default invoice and customized invoice

  • Send PDF along with text 

  • Send single invoice in PDF to Customer

  • Send multiple Invoice in PDF to Customers

  • Send WhatsApp from more than 50 reports 

  • Send ledger statement to parties and to owner

  • Send multi parties ledger statement.

  • Send Outstanding to Single & Multi party

  • Mobile Blank parties report o update mobile & many more

 Benefits a business will get on downloading WATALLY Sender

  • Get Connected with Customer

  • No time wasting in template approval and DLT process.

  • No Recharge of SMS

  • Customer will get the details information as information going in PDF

  • Customer get invoice timely so that they can claim Input easily

  • NO DND non DND Issues

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