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User transaction History

internal CCTV for Tally admin

Owner Day Book

Ownerdaybook is developed taken into consideration difficulties face mostly by multi user clients. In multi user environment multiple user work on multiple activities and it is very difficult to track the alteration, deletion done byt user on various transaction.

Challenge is big when user alter the back dated transactions. Owner daybook help the admin to track all the transactionl level changes done in particular date range as per system date.

It store the last value of transaction along with change in ledger name, invoice heading , narration , amount



  • Owner can track every transaction in few seconds

  • Easy to track mistakes and malpractices 

  • Helpful in proper books management

  • Manage Transaction History

  • Show Voucher Created, Altered, Cancelled, Deleted, Copied

  • It store the last value of the transaction along with narration and voucher number & date

  • System date & period of transaction history.

  • Transaction history with user name, system date and system time

  • Action wise filter (create, alter, cancel, delete, copy(alt+2)

  • Configuration to show and hide column in report

  • Provision to delete transaction log to simplify and lighten data.

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