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Step-by-Step Process for e-Invoicing Registration: How to Get Started

Step-by-Step Process for e-Invoicing Registration

Step-1: Log in to the e-invoicing system

The registration technique for GST taxpayers for the e-invoice system is straightforward. If a taxpayer has already registered with the e-way bill portal, they can use the same login credentials to access the e-invoice system.

If a taxpayer is not enrolled in the EWB portal, he or she can register on the e-invoice system. The taxpayer must have a GSTIN issued by the GST system as well as a mobile phone registered with the GST system. You can simply go to and register for e-invoicing.

Note: First-time GSTIN can register by clicking on 'Portal Login' under 'Registration' in the top menu. The user is then led to the 'e-invoice registration form'.

Step-2: e-invoice enablement

The user must input their GSTIN and the presented captcha and click ‘Go’ to submit the request. Post submitting the request, the user will be taken to the e-invoice registration form.

Step-3: Enter data on the registration form

As per the entered GSTIN, the applicant’s information will be presented in the e-invoice registration form---the applicant's name, trade name, mobile number, email address as they appear on the GST site, and so on. The user may confirm the information by clicking ‘Send OTP’ followed by getting the registration form verified.

Upon the successful OTP verification, the user can simply set the ID and password for the portal for easier usage in future. In case you forget the credentials, simply enter the GSTIN number and the registered mobile number under forget password/id, and you are good to go.

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