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Connected e-Invoice Software Vs Other e-Invoicing Tools – Which is better?

The moment you create an invoice, it should be uploaded to IRP for authentication. After validation, the IRP issues an IRN and QR code, which you need to print on the invoice before providing it to your buyer. This represents a significant change compared to the current practice that doesn't require invoice authentication.

There are several options available for generating e-invoices. Before discussing them in detail, it's important to understand the e-invoicing process. To generate an e-invoice, you first need to upload the invoice details in the prescribed JSON format to the IRP. Next, download the authenticated output file (JSON) containing the IRN and QR code from the IRP. Finally, print the QRcode and IRN on the invoices before issuing them to the buyer.With that in mind, let's examine the available e-invoicing solutions for businesses. To simplify matters, we can group them into two categories:

  • Connected e-invoice software

  • Other e-invoicing tools and utilities

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