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Ready to Use Business Vertical Solutions

Our Ready to Use Products: 

We are serving to automobile industry since 12 years with our product Auto-Plus which is available  for different segment of Automobile dealership like Car Dealership, 2 Wheeler Dealership, Tractor Dealership, 3 Wheeler Dealership.

Our software for automobile Manage Sales, Service , Spares with excel import tool on same platform.

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Products for hospitality industry where people wants to manage their books of accounts with day to day activities of .

hotel management software to manage Lodging, Restaurant , Banquet & Bar.

Lodge Plus​ to manage Lodging working.

RestaurantPlus to manage Restaurant /Bar working.

#tally hotel management software #digital signature tally

Simplified products  to manage their books of accounts with day to day activities of School & Colleges.

School Software Tally specially for school and graduation colleges & College  Soft product has been designed after experiencing the changes in work flow between a graduation college and engineering college. 

#offline school management software #digital signature tally

We are serving to solvent  industry since  years with our product which is available  for different variety of oil seeds like Rice Bran, Soya, Til Seed. Rice Bran Oil Extraction software require to manage day to day activity of Solvent plant and refinery. 

BranPlus  serves complete need of  rice bran Oil Extraction unit 

​SoyaPlus  serves complete need of  soya seed Oil Extraction unit 

A Solution for Advertisement agency deals in Print Media, Electronic Media, Hoarding and other Services, Manage Release Order, Client Invoice, Supplier Invoice .

A Solution for Transporter made on Tally.ERP 9 to manage details of trip along with Diesel expenses, Advances to Drivers. it enable the business to manage Outstanding receivable and Payable.

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