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Digital Payment Requests in TallyPrime via UPI

To enable Payment Request, simply go on to the company features (press key F11)

Type ‘yes’ against ‘Enable Payment Request to share payment link/QR

Enter the merchant details such as---name, payment method, UPI ID, merchant name and so on

And then finally save the details (press Ctrl+A)

Once you've configured your UPI profile in TallyPrime, you're ready to generate and share payment links and QR codes with your clients. You have the option of generating the link or QR code immediately when recording transactions, or later at your leisure.

Simply select the voucher and go to ‘Exchange’ option (or press Alt+Z), then select the right merchant profile and save (press Ctrl+A).

To share the invoice, you can either print (press Alt+P) them in the required format (JPEG or PDF) or directly email (press Alt+M) it to your customers.

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