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8 Reasons Why Businesses Opt for TallyPrime

Are you looking for a Tally alternative? Then it’s better to end your search now. TallyPrime is robust business management software that enables you to simplify your business processes with insightful reports, accurate accounting, seamless inventory management, and much more. Being an all-in-one software, TallyPrime is super simple and doesn’t require you to have any prior training to get started so that you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

Here’s how TallyPrime simplifies your day-to-day business operations:

A comprehensive business management software, TallyPrime helps businesses manage all their needs starting from invoicing, accounting, inventory to payroll, banking and much more. The intuitive features of TallyPrime easily fit into your needs and simplifies processes quickly. More than 2 million businesses trust TallyPrime for all business activities – starting from accounting, inventory management, to so much more! What’s more? If you are a Quickbooks user, then moving from Quickbooks to Tally, then here are the 8 factors that will simplify your business processes:

Invoicing and accounting: With TallyPrime you can generate professional-looking invoices seamlessly and tailor them to suit your business requirements. What's more? TallyPrime's powerful accounting system comes with a fleet of features like multi-currency support, flexible order processing system, seamless receivables and payables management, and much more.

Inventory management: For any business, managing inventory is a key aspect. With TallyPrime, you can organize your stock into unlimited stock groups and categories such as product type, brand, size, and more. Additionally, you can also manage multiple warehouses, and get insight into your stocks with reports such as stock ageing analysis, movement analysis, reorder levels, and more.

GST compliant: TallyPrime is a comprehensive GST solution that enables you to generate GST-compliant invoices, e-way bills, file accurate GST returns, and more. The software’s prevention, detection, and correction mechanism ensure that your books are accurate, assuring you that the returns you file are always correct.

User management and security: For any business, keeping data safe and secure is of utmost importance. If you are moving from Quickbooks to Tally, then you can create multiple security levels, define user level rights, provide specific access to certain employees, deactivate users and much more.

Business Reports: Get 360-degree visibility into your business with 400+ insightful and customized business reports, thereby helping in decision-making. What's more? It also allows you to slice and dice reports as per your requirements.

Online access: In today's rapidly evolving business world, accessing business data all the time is crucial. TallyPrime allows you to access business reports online anywhere, from any device, all the while keeping your data safe and secure.

Payroll management: TallyPrime allows you to manage employee payroll efficiently, process error-free salaries, and much more.

Multi-tasking: How many times has this happened that you are in the middle of generating a sales invoice; however, you need to suddenly access a different report? If you shift from Quickbooks to TallyPrime, you get the flexibility to multi-task with ease and get back to your work seamlessly.

How to shift from Quickbooks to TallyPrime?

Shifting your business from Quickbooks to TallyPrime is a seamless process. With our large fleet of partners who are highly trained on product integration, you can quickly shift from Quickbooks to TallyPrime. Alternatively, if you want to experience TallyPrime, you can get a free 7-day trial that will help you explore the product and see how the software is useful to your business. Alternatively, you can also reach out to our support team to get more insights.

FAQ's on TallyPrime

Can I get a free demo of TallyPrime?

Yes. TallyPrime offer a 7-day free trial that allows you to experience the product and make the right business decision. Try it today.

What’s the latest version of Tally?

TallyPrime is the latest version of Tally. Get to know more about TallyPrime features and upgrade.

What software can I use instead of QuickBooks?

Trusted by more than 2 million businesses, TallyPrime is the best alternative for quickbooks that supports easy data migration and simplifies business processes.

Are there any Tally Alternatives?

From accounting, payroll, inventory to having insightful reports, there is truly no match for TallyPrime.

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