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In day to day business owners has fully dependent on their data entry operator for their working . Along with big positive impact it also attract a major negative effect  which is mostly coming on frequent alteration of vouchers without any information to owners.

OTP on voucher alteration will give owner control over this negative impact and help the owner to get update on each alteration.


  • Lock your GST transaction for users up-to last return filed.

  • User will not having acess to alter return filed vouchers.

  • User Will not having acess to Delete or Cancel return filed vouchers.

  • User Will not having acess to mark optional return filed vouchers.

  • Security on Sales Purchase GST Setting Alteration

  • Security on Stock Item & Stock Group GST Setting Alteration.

  • Security on Company Features GST Setting Alteration.

  • Select your voucher type which is not part of GST which are not the part of security

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